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The Epiphany Council of Catholic Women is held it's Annual Spring Basket Raffle drawing April 22nd and the winner is Asela Ruelan, a visitor to our parish. The basket is filled-filled-filled with over $250 worth of Spring pleasures. Pictured is Father Bob pulling out the winning ticket along with Incos Smith, President of the ECCW.


Congratulations and Happy Easter to the Epiphany Catholic Church

RCIA Class of 2021

Sacha Rueda * Isiah Perez * Kelsea Nichols * Morgan Halladay

Linda Perez * Isabella Hoover * Kathryn Norris * Omar Perez * 

Hannah Zimmerman


Examination of Conscience to prepare for Confession


Epiphany Catholic supports sustainable habits in our parish and our school.  Trees For The Future have been planted in our parish name.


Parish Announcements

Parish Social Hall Update

Into the modern world with high tech

Our Parish Social Hall has seen many many renovations and improvements. Father Rob led the efforts to paint the walls, redo the ceiling and the floor, install new lighting and black-out shades, and encase the ceiling beams. Since then, we have added the motorized theater-sized projection screen, new speakers, new wireless microphones, a projector with a telephoto lens, and 2 pans/zoom/tilt webcams.  The front camera will show the assembled people for hybrid online/in-person meetings. The rear camera will show the stage for live streaming events. It is possible to switch back and forth as needed. We are awaiting the delivery of a PC to control the cameras and run the online meetings without having to use personal laptops. Connections on either side of the stage will allow for additional inputs and monitor speakers for live bands. In addition, we have the ability to use an iPhone to play music in the hall. A mixer, similar to the one in the Sanctuary pulls all the audio together. Many more acoustic panels have been added to reduce the echo removing the need for carpet or anything on the ceiling. The current seating arrangement reflects social distancing, and another arrangement allows for a circular tables and chairs configuration. We are in great hope that all of this enables parish gatherings (post Pandemic) for movie nights, guest speakers, meetings with remote participants, retreats, potluck dinners, etc. Not to mention "watch parties" for sporting events. We also are planning to have the school use the hall as a cafeteria, for school plays and for movies. Finally, we planning to purchase a multi-drawer warming cabinet to handle cooked-foods, making dinners easier to handle. We will retain the hall as a private facility for parish and school and parishioner use only. Now, we just need to find the leaders to help coordinate these future events. If interested, contact the office at 752-4470.


Fr. Bob Hoffman and Liz McGillin, hosts of Be Alive! podcasts share how young people have impacted their own faith journeys and what to expect from the show moving forward.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic Church, please send your name, phone number & email address to [email protected] or contact Susi Pittman, 697-7312 


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  • If you have an urgent need of a priest, please call (386) 288-5143
  • Please continue to remember your parish in tithing. Click ONLINE GIVING at the top of the page or you can mail a check to 1905 SW Epiphany Court, Lake City, FL 32025.



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